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SUFFERIN' SUCCOTASH (unreleased garage demo) 
Saturday, October 1, 2011, 12:06 PM - Open Vault
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BMM 1989

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 01:13 PM - Open Vault
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Most recent exclusive releases:

Sean (Tom) - in 1959, I worked with a fellow named John Moore who had (as of now) vintage Ampex recording gear and good (for the time) Sony microhones up in his house in the Los Gatos hills. You were in a folk trio called The Noblemen, and recorded 11 songs that, as far as I know, were never released.
I have a first-generation dub of the LP master tape, complete with artifacts of the era (analog blips, tape hiss, hum). I would be pleased to send you a copy of it.
Larry Miller / Ampex Designer/Sound Engineer
Larry - Of the many e-mail contacts I've received over the years, yours is perhaps the most hoped for; aside from the pleasure of re-aquaintance with a Willow Glen High classmate, the availability of my recordings with The Noblemen is a treasured blessing I had all but given up on. These songs are my first professional recordings; I am deeply grateful ..
With appreciation in perpetuity,
Sean Bonniwell


SON OF AMERICAN EARTH takes its name from progressive folk/satire and solo-acoustic country/pop themes written over a span of 35 years to the present day.

The majority of songs in this collection are self-explanatory, a few require clarification.
Under satire, "Blame The Lips" has a tongue buried in its cheek; there are no bars or honky-tonks in Salt Lake City, a subtle clue for the love-starved fan of traditional country songs.

"Fireman Cowboy" is more subtle but no less startling; the ending bites the Hand that feeds the mouth of religious freedom.
"Who's Doin' It" speaks from the hippie perspective circa 1966; political history aside, the consumer-addicted voice of the common man is still unheeded.

Deeper thoughts mark the scars of "Country Boys"; the face of injustice plays no favorites. Inclusion of this solo acoustic song was deeply pondered, it is perhaps the pinnacle of the human condition as seen through the heart's soul.

"Ain't That Good" attempts to justify such scars, through the eyes of reincarnation.
"Gonna Rain" ascends to Truth with a wry smile; His return judges mankind's rejection of it, and Him.
"Easy Does Love" was written for -- and in honor of -- the marriage of Dave & Devon Kurcina, and is paternally dedicated to god-son, Aris.

'Son Of American Earth' is the second to last of the Book's Companion CD/albums. Being the seventh of seven, no collector's library of my body of work is complete without it ...

Grateful for the privilege of your interest, and for the faithful grace of our Lord,

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