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Thursday, October 30, 2008, 11:40 AM - News
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-- friends & fans of the Machine...

We are pleased to announce -- and invite you to -- the Music Fan Festival ...
where myself, Keith Olsen, Mark Landon and one or two others from the Bonniwell Music Machine will be autographing photos and Music Machine memorabilia; a limited supply of BMM T-shirts will be available, as will the full line of related items from .


With fond apprecation, we're looking forward to the privilege of this reunion with our friends and fans..

Sean Bonniwell


Hi Sean,

I was at the hotel this past weekend for the music festival and met Eric of the Larksmen who suggested I drop you a note...

Just wanted to say how much you were missed!! The talk talk at the festival was that you couldn't make it due to the fires. I hope you are safe.

I met Ron, Keith, and Mark who all signed my 'Best Of' Music Machine LP and we took this picture..

If you plan to do any more appearances, please let us know. I would still love the opportunity to meet you.

peace & love

Uncle Helmet's Music
(Shirt & Photo)
P.O. Box 409
Porterville, CA 93258


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Saturday, May 17, 2008, 10:41 AM - News
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Sean (Tom) - in 1959, I worked with a fellow named John Moore who had (as of now) vintage Ampex recording gear and good (for the time) Sony microhones up in his house in the Los Gatos hills. You were in a folk trio called The Noblemen, and RECORED 11 SONGS THAT, as far as I know, WERE NEVER RELEASED.
I have a first-generation dub of the LP master tape, complete with artifacts of the era (analog blips, tape hiss, hum). I would be pleased to send you a copy of it.
Larry Miller / Ampex Designer/Sound Engineer


Larry - Of the many e-mail contacts I've received over the years, yours is perhaps the most hoped for; aside from the pleasure of re-aquaintance with a Willow Glen High classmate, the availability of my recordings with The Noblemen is a treasured blessing I had all but given up on. These songs are my first professional recordings; I am deeply grateful ..
With appreciation in perpetuity,
Sean Bonniwell

$16.00 (Shipping Included) -- $29.00 (Abroad)

P.O. BOX 409



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Now Available 
Friday, April 18, 2008, 01:15 PM - News
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Saturday, December 22, 2007, 02:36 AM - News
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Acid Archives: "Well-known cult band that needn't be explained here. Often referred to as "garage" although they were perhaps more of a cutting edge LA band like the Doors and Love, with music so unusual and ambitious that it sometimes sounds more like late 1970s post-punk than "60s".

The first LP is a mixed bag and can be avoided if you get the 45s instead; the second LP is a more consistent affair allowing you a peek inside the unusual creativity of Sean Bonniwell.

Still, I'm not a great fan of the band whose music often strikes me as overly intellectual and elaborate, but when they get it right the intensity is truly remarkable. Apart from the early 45s I think the tormented "I've Loved You" on the second LP and the rare non-LP 45 "You'll Love Me Again" are musts.

The wlp mono contains a unique rough mix of "Eagle Never Hunts The Fly" not available anywhere else; probably included by mistake instead of "Double Yellow Line", which is listed but not included. The old Rhino "Best Of" sampler has some rare tracks, but these are unfortunately mastered slightly off-speed. There is a more recent Sundazed sampler titled "Ignition" which has much of the same rarities. [PL]"

THE ABOVE REVIEW REFERS PRIMARILY TO THE WARNERS BROS. RELEASE (The Bonniwell Music Machine/1968), with additional comments referring to the so-called 'Very Best Of' CD issued by Original Sound/Collectables (1999).

Re-titled 'RESTORATION', the Warners Bros. album has been digitally re-mastered, and is available by Special Order only; contact for details.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 03:09 AM - News
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Back in the days when the Music Machine was rehearsing in my garage (1965-66), when my single focus was material for the band, I owned a Sony reel-to-reel two track, which served my song writing well as I could overdub and 'bounce' until the basic tracks orbited Neptune.

I recorded most of the songs at 1 and 7/8 speed to save tape, regrettable, because it's taken years to find a reel-to-reel relic that plays at that speed -- and I have boxes of tapes with these demo songs clinging tenuously to that ancient medium.

These are songs written for the Machine that we never recorded--all in all about 40 worthy of arranging and recording in the style the band is known for.
I've been considering compiling these raw 'guitar and vocal' demos on a CD and calling it 'Internal Combustion' as all the songs were recorded on that Sony in my garage 35 years ago.

When I told Ron Edgar about the tunes he said something like, "We should record those songs for a new album before one of us falls like a bad tree."

Most of the songs have been transferred to digital, and are in the 'evaluation' process (sonic cleaning and tweaking). As no more than a handful of garage disciples will be interested in 'Internal Combustion', mass production isn't likely. However, limited copies of the album may be forthcoming (contingent on Special Order requests; contact for price and availability).

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